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Insurance Quoting Tools for Term, UL, Long Term Care, Final Expense


Term Quotes (secure)

Mobile Term Quote Application for use on any smart phone, PDA or tablet that has internet browsing capabilities, perform the following steps:

            - Browse to https://mobile.ipipeline.com/quote/gaid/1339 - must be done from your mobile device

-Within your browser, create a shortcut on your desktop.  As an example, within the Safari browser on the iPad or iPhone, once you’ve browsed to the URL above, click the ‘forward arrow’ and then select the ‘Add to Home Screen’ button.  You will now have a desktop shortcut to the mobile quoting tool and it will function much like a downloaded app.

-Look for the FB logo to run the app: 

 -Note: The example above is for iPhone and iPad.  If you are using a different device, please refer to your  user manual for instructions on creating a shortcut on your desktop/home screen.

Disability or Life Quote (Illinois Mutual)

VitalSuite(LTC) - Vital UL has been discontinued.  Please use the Term Quotes link above for Guaranteed UL.

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